September 5th

We’re back to our usual monthly programming and kicking off an impressive Autumn season with two amazing bands! In no particular order…:

Elliot Galvin Trio:

Elliot Galvin – piano
Tom McCredie – double bass
Simon Roth – drums

The Elliot Galvin Trio was formed in 2012 and sees the meeting of three like- minded creatives. Exploring the possibilities of the traditional piano trio line-up with a sense of playful experimentation, the group play original material written by Elliot. The band effortlessly juggle a number of musical worlds as the realms of classical, jazz, popular and art music all make an appearance. This is held together with a free-spirited, improv sensibility which at times pushes the sonic capabilities and traditions of their instruments to another level. In 2014 they won the European Young Musician of The Year Award in German. They never fail to deliver a performance which perfectly balances technical virtuosity, a healthy dose of fun and playfulness as well as moments of captivating beauty.

‘This debut album is just as audaciously accomplished as Galvin’s admirers would have predicted.’
- John Fordham, The Guardian, 4*

Moss Project:

Moss Freed – guitar
Alice Zawadzki – voice / violin
Ruth Goller – bass
Marek Dorcik – drums

Led by guitarist Moss Freed, Moss Project, brings together key figures from the cutting edge of the 21st century UK jazz scene. The band’s second album, ‘What Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?’ – produced in conjunction with a book of short stories written by some of Britain’s freshest literary talents – received rave reviews for it’s wonderul and unique blend of narrative line, scintillating groove and achingly lyrical melody. This band is always a real treat to see live!

“Nothing short of breathtaking… The most beautiful work that has come out yet from the Babel label… An essential release”
- All About Jazz

As ever, it’s doors at 8:30, music from 9, entry only £5.

See you there!